How Employees Working Remotely Affects Businesses

Many companies have discovered that having their employees work remotely does have some benefits.  This is one of the positives that has come out of the pandemic and certainly something that we should take a better look at.  When employees are happy with their jobs, they are not looking to move or go somewhere else.  This improves the company’s turnover rate, meaning that there is less turnover and less time involved in training. 

There isn’t a need for the company to have a bunch of desks and office space, which is a huge cost savings as people working remotely will provide their own.  The rent for a large office building can be huge, especially in larger cities.  However, when people work remotely, they don’t need all of that.  In fact, typically if they are working remotely, they are working on their own time and schedule when possible, which is another positive factor.

Benefits of working from home.

Working from home is a dream for some people. People love the fact that they can come and go as they please.  And, if the job fits this sort of lifestyle, it will allow them to get more done in a shorter amount of time.  The companies that hire remote workers are discovering there are benefits for them as well.  They can assign tasks and deadlines but not have to babysit, provide the office space, the utilities and so much more.  VoIP phone systems are becoming more and more popular for these companies as they discover that they can use one number and forward it to the appropriate location.  

VoIP Call Centers from home.

With a VoIP phone system, everyone that calls will get through to a person.  This may be a different person within the call center.  But they don’t even realize that they are calling people that are in their homes.  The systems will route the phone call to the appropriate set of people. From there, whoever isn’t on another line will get the call, it is that simple. These systems can go across the state or around the world.  People that are working for any given company aren’t stuck staying at their home, they can go to hotels and travel yet still be connected with the same phone number. This allows even more freedom for those that want to work from home.  It gives the workers incentives to work from home, as they can do it wherever they’d like.

Noise-canceling headsets make it possible for the workers to even work from the beach or outdoors.  These small and seamless looking benefits are priceless for those workers.  Many will brag to their friends, yet the company will be benefiting as well, getting the job done that they needed to be done with happier employees.  It truly is a win-win situation.  

How VoIP works. 

VoIP or Voice over IP means that you don’t need a phone line but an internet connection to take calls.  VoIP is much cheaper than the traditional phone lines and certainly more versatile.  You can change up the system with simple computer programming that can log in a certain employee for a certain number of hours and log out another.  It is very easy to control however the people calling in have no idea of the complexity of the system.  It can route numbers around the world without additional charges.  All there has to be is the internet.  So, companies can take advantage of the various time differences, and employees are not stuck to a desk in a certain location.

This also allows companies to hire people in various areas of the world.  This means that the company doesn’t have to hire people in the higher-paying areas of the country but can move to less expensive team members.  This is another cost savings that companies are taking advantage of.  The cost of living in California is far greater than that of the midwest.  While companies are hiring native language people to answer their phones, they are getting people that have a lower cost of living.  Because of this, the company will get the same quality of worker for less.  Which is certainly a win for the company.

Companies set remote wages for all.

Some companies look at it as if they were going to pay someone else in a higher market a wage and offer that wage to everyone.  This can be a very good scenario for those that live in lower costs markets as they will see this as a really great job.  While, where the company was going to pay that wage, it might have been seen as a lower-paying job.  Because of this, people will work harder for the company and they will see a better performance overall.  It is important for everyone to maintain proper performance when working remotely and there are systems that can be used to monitor that.  

There are a few ways to connect your VoIP systems over the internet.  However, most companies simply have the systems connected via a computer and headset. This allows their customer service reps to answer any questions easily by keeping their hands free for typing and writing down important information.  It basically works like any other phone, you speak into it and can hear the other speaking to you.  They do have to have a strong internet connection of it can break up from time to time and be difficult for everyone to communicate.

Conference calls and meetings over VOIP

VoIP phone systems are great for conference calls between the workers as well. During the pandemic, many companies had discovered that having their employees work remotely actually worked out rather well. They can set up meetings between the teams and log in remotely to go over the progress of a particular project.  This allows them to work at their own pace at times as well as when they work.  Some people are not morning people for example, however, they like to work late into the night and do better and perform better at that time.  Working remotely allows for this, as long as the work is done and it is a job that doesn’t require phone calls from clients and such, why would the company care.  

There are many ways to work remotely from customer service answering calls to working toward completing the project after project.  However, what works for the company should work for the employee.  If the employee is to answer calls, they probably will have a more structured system and hours than that of a person that is completing tasks.  The tasks will have a deadline and as long as they are done by that deadline the company really shouldn’t care when the person does the work, the idea is that the work is done before the deadline is up.  The work needs to be to par with the expectations of the company, it really is that simple.  

There is software for monitoring.

Some companies install software on their employees’ computers.  They provide computers and so this is a standard procedure.  This software will tell the company that they are in fact working. The company can check the screen and even see what the person is doing on-screen at any given time.  This allows the company to monitor their employees to ensure they are doing what they say they are doing and aren’t causing any harm to the company as well.  Insiders can steal data and other important information, which means that access to this information should be limited and monitored.

Remote working is becoming more and more normal.  Companies are coming to realize that there are many benefits to it. They can downsize their offices and not have to provide employees with furniture, coffee, a kitchen area and so many other amenities that help improve the companies morale.  Moving to be a remote worker can be a challenge for some people and for some, it simply isn’t an option. 

Remote workers must be organized.

You must be organized and self-driven.  While being a remote worker you won’t have the boss man standing over you.  You will need to figure out how to meet your deadlines and stick to a proper working schedule.  However, for others, this transition is a breeze and so worth the extra freedom they have.  No more long commutes, living our lives in traffic, or dressing up in office clothing.  When you are answering customer service calls, the people on the other end of the phone don’t have a clue what you are wearing.  Frankly, they don’t care.  You can wear your PJs to work every day, and for some, that alone is worth it.  

Whether you are a person looking to work from home or an employer thinking about having more of your employees working from home, you need to consider your options.  Things such as a VoIP phone system will ensure that your company’s phone calls get routed with ease.  By providing your employees with some simple equipment they are ready to go.  There is no need to come up with desk and office space.  Even conference rooms can now be replaced using VoIP! Have conferences with the teams over VoIP and nobody has to leave home.