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What Is VOiP

What is VoIP?

VoIP makes easy some things that are usually difficult or sometimes impossible with traditional phone networks.

VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in more common terms, phone service over the Internet.

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1. Automatically Routed Calls

Incoming phone calls are automatically routed to your VoIP phone where ever you plug it into the network. Take your VoIP phone with you on a trip and anywhere you connect it to the internet, you’ll be able to receive your incoming calls.

2. No Phone Closet

Eliminate the cost and free up some office space. By storing all hardware and communications data at multiple secure offsite locations, there’s no need to use your own valuable office space for phone hardware and data storage.

3. Full PBX Capabilities

Full PBX capabilities, without the maintenance and labor contracts. PBX capabilities help manage calls between internal users like taking incoming calls and sending them to the correct extensions or connecting calls to answering services.

4. Efficient Support

Call center agents using VoIP phones can easily work from anywhere with a good internet connection.

5. Enhanced Disaster Recovery Options

By keeping all equipment in a secure offsite location, Hosted VoIP is not affected in the event of a complete site failure or disaster. You’ll still be able to manage your PBX services in order to ensure zero client calls are missed. Hosted VoIP can even use a cellular connection to make calls. This flexibility means you can move the system if necessary by simply taking your phones to a new site with an internet connection.