Business Continuity

Business Continuity Benefits

Business Continuity in the Network and at the Customer Premise – The LG TALK solution supports business continuity both in the network and at the enterprise; PBX solutions only provide for premise-based outages.

Tiered Continuity Solutions

The LG TALK platform supports disaster recovery policies for the Enterprise, the group, and the individual end-user.

Simple or big, sometimes it’s just easier being able to do it, than not having the option. Today’s enterprises require business continuity planning to ensure operations are maintained during any data center, network, or building incident. When disaster strikes and communications go wrong, a business without a continuity plan can be faced with a disastrous fall out. Hours of missed communication and online downtime can lead to a business losing thousands of potential revenue. Just a short period without communication could jeopardize thousands of future sales and it could also leave you seen as unreliable by your customers. LG Talk’s Business Continuity and disaster recovery solutions enable Enterprises to automatically re-route calls to maintain telephone service to any location and any device, including landline phones, mobile devices, and PC-based softphones. These features work for both Hosted Enterprise Seats as well as for SIP Trunks. In the case of Enterprise Seats, the user feature “Call Forwarding Not Reachable” will direct calls to pre-designated alternative fixed or mobile lines in the event of a service disruption to lines serving the Enterprise. In the case of SIP Trunks, the feature, “Unreachable Destination” will similarly redirect incoming calls to pre-determined alternative numbers. Additional business continuity solutions such as simultaneous ringing and sequential ringing to multiple locations are also included with Enterprise Premium Seats. Many Business Continuity features can also be added to SIP Trunks with the addition of a la carte features.

Business Continuity Benefits

The LG Talk platform is compatible with an extensive list of authorized PBXs, IP PBXs, access devices, and phones, which translates to reducing your capital and operational expenses.

Customizable Disaster Recovery Policy

The LG Talk solution allows businesses to design their communications continuity protocols based on their existing business processes.

Choosing LG Talk Hosted PBX or SIP Trunking with a built-in Business Continuity solution ensures that in the event of any problems, your lines of contact with your customers stay open. If your pc network becomes incapacitated, your communications can seamlessly be redirected to an alternative location or device.