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Businesses in Plano, rejoice! Finally a highly configurable VoIP service for you.

The Best VoIP Plan that Plano Businesses Deserve

Extensive Features

We enable our customers the power to pick and choose the features they want. No bloated phone plans here!


Fast and responsive staff means that you will never be left hanging without a dial tone.

We Are Local

We are located in Dallas. Rest assured that help is never going to be too far away.

Providing Businesses in Plano the Best VoIP Plans

  • 259,873 people call Plano their home
  • The city has a young population with a median age of 37.
  • Companies such as Oracle, T-Mobile, and Amerisource call Plano home.
  • Plano is the most affluent big city in the U.S. with a median household income of $84,000
  • Plano’s top employers include Frito-Lay, Bank of America, and J.C. Penny
  • Lance Armstrong, Ross Perot, and Sam Johnson all hailed from Plano.

Low Prices

We keep our prices low by ensuring that our VoIP plans do not contain bloat that you do not need.


Our VoIP plans offer Plano businesses to scale their phone plans as their businesses grow or shrink.

On The Go

The power of your desk phone on the palm of your hand. Your office phone is now mobile!

Get LG Talk for Plano VoIP


We use only the most reliable and cutting edge VoIP technologies. Our 24/7/365 (yes, including weekends!) ensure that your business will never be without a dial tone and unreachable over the phone.

Minimal Expense

Our highly customizable VoIP plans mean that you only pay for what you use. Our clients have seen savings of at least 10% compared to their previous VoIP provider.

LG Talk has the best Plano VoIP for Businesses

Highly Customizable

Plano VoIP Plans

We can create the perfect VoIP package for your Plano VoIP business

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