the perfect voip plan for garland, tx

Businesses in Garland, rejoice! Finally a highly configurable VoIP service for you.

The Best VoIP Plan that Garland Businesses Deserve

Exceptional Local Support

Our team of VoIP experts can provide support remotely. And because we are located in Dallas, we can also provide rapid on-site support for your Garland business.

Features Galore!

Our phone plans have a smorgasbord of features. Pick just the ones that you need for an efficient and cost effective VoIP solution.


Our helpdesk staff is available 24/7/365 (yes, that includes weekends and holidays!).

The Best VoIP Plan for Garland, Texas

  • 225,483 people call Garland their home
  • The city boasts a medium age of 34
  • The City of Garland, Kraft Foods, US Food Service, and Valspar are some of Garland’s largest employers.
  • Garland is the most affluent big city in the U.S. with a median household income of $84,000
  • Golfer Lee Trevino, Singer LeeAnn Rimes, and professional football player Adrian Phillips all hail from Garland, TX

Low Prices

Highly customizable phone plans mean that you will not be paying for features you do not want or will not use.


Our VoIP Garland service keeps up with your businesses.

On The Go

The power of your desk phone on the palm of your hand. Your office phone is now mobile!

Get LG Talk for Garland VoIP


We use only the latest in VoIP technology. Our 24/7/365 helpdesk ensures that your business will never be without a dial tone and unreachable over the phone.

Minimal Expense

Our highly customizable VoIP plans mean that you only pay for what you use. Our clients have seen savings of at least 10% compared to their previous VoIP provider.

LG Talk has the best Garland VoIP for Businesses

Exceptional VoIP Plans

For Businesses in Garland

We can create the perfect VoIP package for your Garland VoIP business

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