Poly Voyager Focus UC USB-A

Make it your business to hear and be heard with the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC Stereo Bluetooth headset. Move fluidly between PC and smartphone and between work and entertainment with rich, immersive stereo and active noise canceling designed to keep your focus on work, not on the chaos around you.

Intuitive/user friendly features
Works seamlessly across laptops, Bluetooth-enabled desk phones, mobile phones and tablets
Smart sensors answer calls by simply putting on the headset, mute by taking the headset o􀃠 and pause/resume music
Enhanced voice alerts announce caller ID, mute and connection status, talk time level
Dynamic Mute Alert feature senses and alerts you when you try to talk when muted
Smart mic boom: wear on either side and maintain locations of R/L stereo and volume/track buttons
Great audio on both sides of the call
Precision tuned triple-mics with enhanced DSP for superior background noise canceling
On-demand active noise cancellation so you can focus on your call or work
High-quality stereo design provides hi-􀃕 stereo sound and an immersive audio experience
OpenMic button allows you to hear your surroundings when you need to
Comfort and durability
Leatherette ear cushions wrapped around pillow-soft memory foam
Cushioned metal headband provides durability while maintaining a comfortable, secure 􀃕t
Easily take the headset on the go with folding ear cushions and included carrying case
Optimized for uni􀃕ed communications